Saturday, March 25, 2017

First Block of Atlanta Street

This is the first block of Atlanta Street in downtown Marietta.  I was born on this Atlanta Street about two blocks away.
Fifteen to twenty years ago I liked to go downtown early on Sunday mornings and bike or run all over the area.  It was a comfort zone.  I started life here.
One Sunday morning I was running up the first block of Atlanta Street when head of me at the end of the street and the corner of what was Washington Avenue, now Roswell Street, ran around the corner into my site.  In the first door way, he darted to, and flattened himself out.
Then a police car came into view from where he ran from.   It slowed down and looked down Atlanta Street and did not see the guy they were after and kept going forward.
About that time I ran by him, flattened against the door.  He did not look at me.
I'm glad we did not make eye-contact. 
I think it was a "Whew!" for both of us.

On the left was Marietta's first firehouse.  Now, it is Johnny McCracken's Pub which has expanded and does quiet well and very well on Saint Patrick's Day.  Some believe the premises is haunted.

Up the stairs used lead to WBIE Radio station, owned and operated by James Wilder.  Interesting fellow.

I remember as a toddler this right building was the bus station.  When I was about 6 years old the Greyhound Bus Station was built around the corner and at the foot of the hill at Roswell, Anderson, and Green Streets.

And where I stood across the street to take these pictures was the Marietta Police Department, which was no bigger than an average retail store on the Square.


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