Monday, March 13, 2017

HAL and I

Did you see the movie 2001:  A SPACE ODYSSEY?  Remember out in space, somewhere in the Universe HAL 960, a computer with an electronic brain, and Dr. David "Dave" Bowman fought tried outwitting each other, trying to survive, as they hurled  through space?   Remember?

Well, I think my computer and all its underlings tried to gang up on me all through last week.  I felt like Dave.

One day my computer game Virtual Pool, rebooted itself for no reason, and knocked all my icon links out of whack and out of order.
Later I tried to scan something and the icon I press to start the scanner would not work.  It recognized the icon being pressed by saying something like "what scanner?".  After googling asking for suggestions we finally figured out we could still use the scanner by going to the HP site, not on the screen, but hidden in "My Computer" section. 
Then my keyboard quit communicating with the computer.  I replaced the batteries and it lasted a short time.  Then it became dead again, so I pulled out another keyboard and it worked fine, so far.  Then, my mouse quit communicating for a while, but I changed batteries and it still didn't, but after hitting a few buttons on the keyboard in frustration it started working.  So far, so good.
Also, after I was forced to take Windows 10 my video editor icon does not work, I can no longer show videos via youtube.  And along those same lines, my load and switch around songs on my iphone crashed, I can no longer the i-phone symbol into itunes.   AAARRggggg!

More mishaps happened with the computer over the week but somehow, they all blended in and details forgot.


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