Monday, March 13, 2017

Bluegrass in Paulding County, Ga

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Saturday we went to a Bluegrass concert at the Paulding County Seniors' Center.  It was put on by the Austell Masonic Lodge but I think sponsored by all the local Masons.  Of course we were the first ones of the audience there.  That happens a lot with us.

We got to ride around about for a time looking at downtown Dallas, Paulding County's rolling hills, old barns and old  houses. 

Interesting the senior center is next door to the Paulding County Detention Center, a.k.a., County Jail. 
On checking in on Facebook I saw that you have a choice of saying you are at the Paulding County Jail or the Senior Center.  While sitting listening to concert I created a little story.  I checked in the jail and said the jail and the senior center are next to each other, and it is easy to go into the wrong building and how do I get out.
Then a little later I posted with me in the Senior Center, some of the inmates were looking at me saying, "Fresh Fish!"  So, I remember seeing the movie that Bugs Bunny dug a tunnel under a fence and it inspired me to do the same.
The concert was good.   I like bluegrass because the music has a good beat and it carries good meaningful stories.

I like bluegrass performers because they are down to Earth and they have not quit their day job, which makes them humble, and good... they are playing for their love of music, not for the money.

While sitting at a long table waiting for the show to start I overheard a few elder men chuckling about Jim M.  We have seen Jim M. throughout the years at different bluegrass concerts.  They were chuckling over one time Jim M. handed out free CD's of his bluegrass band.  They were chuckling because nobody would buy them.  We remembered exactly that night at the Acworth Opry probably ten or more years ago when he gave them away.  He handed one to us and warned us, "You can't play it in your truck."  Jim didn't know it but he said something that we would quote many times in the years to come.

According to the schedule each group had about 50 minutes to entertain.  It started at 1:00 p.m.  and still had several groups to go when we left  at almost 6:00.  Willow was waiting.

Here are some pictures.

The above group (above 2 pictures) are the East Dixie Boys.  The leader is the guy in the light or white shirt.  His last name is McClung.  His brother is in the band also.  He explained the reason he named it East Dixie Boys was to name it after a street they used to play on as kids, in Marietta.  The corner of East Dixie Avenue and  the corner of the street I lived on, Manget Street, was only one yard width away.  When they left the stage I followed them back to the Band-Holdings room and asked him more about his East Dixie Avenue times.  He said they lived on Adams Circle and we both knew Larry Sparks.  His friend on East Dixie was named Smith and lived close to Powell's Barbershop.  I told him of the Smith Brothers I knew, which lived near Powell's Barbershop, but we were not sure they are the same.  He said it is nice  for someone in the audience to know where he is talking about.
I was glad to be of service.


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