Saturday, January 14, 2017

WHAM! (to the pavement

I am out of routine today.   Yesterday, after visiting our sister-in-law in Cartersville, leaving  walking down her ramp to the driveway, Anna tripped and took a bad bang-up.
Thank God for nosy neighbors:  Thelma's neighbor was watching us.  He rushed over to help.  He whipped out his cell phone to call another neighbor and he was there in seconds, he probably said, "I'll be right there!  Let me put up my binoculars!" 
We got Anna up on her feet and then sitting in a chair.  She has been on ice-packs since. d
Just before Christmas it was me who took a banged up fall. 
Anna needs to rest and take it easy.  I am doing household  things she normally does like sort the clothes for washing.
During the morning I noticed Willow was missing.  I looked in each room and she wasn't in any of them.  "Oh well, " I thought, "Anna probably let Willow out."  And that was the last thought I had on that.
After the clothes were sorted I took a full basket, opened the basement door to carry a load down to the basement where the washing machine is - and Willow jumped out of the darkness!
She probably followed me down me down to the basement on my last trip down there a while ago, and I didn't know it, and came back up and shut the door.
When she jumped out I instantly figured out why, and knew it was my fault.  I reached out to put her to show her now hard feelings, "my bad."
She jumped out of my reach,  now she doesn't trust me.

Oh me.


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