Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Marietta Downtown

Yesterday, between doctor visits I took a stroll in downtown Marietta.
I did it because for a couple of years I have been thinking about using my GPS walking aids draws a little map of where you either walked, run, or biked.  I thought it would be neat to walk downtown, first on the four streets that border Glover Park, then the four sidewalks adjacent  to the park, and in the center is a round circle which would represent walking around the fountain.
When I got home and transferred my electronic trail to the computer it looked like a scrambled mess.  For one thing, it is the vision from a satellite miles up in the sky, so the whole  covered image is about the size of a quarter.  For another thing the lines stray off course here and there, especially when I saw someone ahead in my path that looked like they might want to ask me for a couple of bucks.
Which reminds me, a few years ago ever-so-often on Sunday mornings I would load my bike in the truck and unload it on the Square and ride it around.  One Sunday morning while unloading my bike a man approached me and  told me he just came down from  Cartersville to see his sick son and out of gas now he needed a few bucks for gas  to get to the boy's home.  I might have gavr him a couple of bucks that time.  A few months later, one Sunday morning I was unloading my bike, and the same man approached me and told me he had just came down from Cartersville to see is sick son.  He ran out of gas and needed gas money to get to the boys home.
I told him I heard that from him before and hopped on my bike and sped off. 

These bottom three pictures were taken Monday morning on my stroll.  The Cobb County Courthouse looks like something in Gothem City.  And the art work on the wood fence hiding Phillip Goldstein's empty lot were original arts from the Street Art Festival held a couple of months ago.


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