Saturday, January 28, 2017

Incident at the Store

This slipped my mind but it popped up again:   The other day  we were in Walmart  going up the wide aisle that separates the groceries and women's clothing when I heard a man shouting.
I looked in the direction of the shouting and a Walmart manager and a clerk were standing looking meekly at a dark man with a beard shouting at them with a Latino accent:
"My name is not Padre or Puncho!  My name is Jose' Blabla.  I resent you calling me that!"  He went on to say he was in the Army for something like 20 years and fought hand to hand/ life or death combat and how dare  the youthful manager call him that.  He threw down his jacket like he wouldn't mind doing some more hand to hand combat.
We quickly left the scene.

After that, aisles away everything seemed calm with people concentrating on their shopping.  I assume  the manager and his helper ran and hid and the pissed off man left in a huff with no bloodshed.


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