Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Navy Man

This morning, going from the parking deck into the building my cardiologist is in up ahead of me was an old man holding the door opened looking at me.
He said, "Come on young man!"
I picked up my step a notch.
When I got to him I saw he was maybe ten years or more older than me.
I noticed he had a Navy blue ball cap with some words in front.  I did an awkward turn and said, "Let me see what your cap says.... Retired, U.S. Navy, I was in the Navy too!"
He said, "I was in it 30 years, got to see the whole world!"
I said, "Well, I was on active duty two years and reserves for six years."
It appeared that he didn't hear me, he started naming off the all the well known places he got to see. 
One of the places he named was May Port.
"May Port, Florida!"  Our ship spent New Year's Eve there in 1964!"
He kept on talking.  I did too.  We both were talking to ourselves.
We took a bus into Jacksonville and hit all the bars.  I remember we saw a lot of football players and football fans hitting the bars there too.  There was to be a big game the next day there.
Somehow my companion for the evening hitting the bars was a one-eyed (patch) woman who had a long horn, maybe 4 or 5 feet long.  She did not talk but she blew loud honks on her horn.
Speaking of May, there was also Cape May, New Jersey.  Cape May, New Jersey had a nudist colony.  Some of our squadron's helicopter pilots always seem to fly off their flight plan and over the colony.

By the way, did you know Bolivia has a Navy with 4000 men but has no coast.   I read that in UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER.   Hmmmmm.


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