Friday, January 27, 2017

Apple For the Students

Anna and I went to an Apple class on the basics of i-pad today. Some of the things the instructor told us we knew and some we didn't.  Each of us learned some, so it was worth the time.
The classroom was on their salesroom floor with people all around, which isn't a great learning environment.
We were the first ones there (of course).  The teacher said six people signed up.
One lady was there that had never used her ipad.  She did not even know how to turn it on.  She sat there lost.
The only other male student there was a courtly elderly looking man with wise kind eyes who made some wise statements.  I figured he was a retired college professor.  As it turned out, he is not retired, he is on vacation.  I don't know what his profession is but I hope he has a job to utilize his talent, saying wise things with a gentle look on his face.  He said he was on vacation.  He is hitting all the Apple technical classes.  He told us there was one later the same day at the Apple Store in Perimeter Mall and he told of others he went to at other Metro Apple Stores.

Not that it matters, but our teacher said six were scheduled for the class.  Seven showed up.


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