Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Friend Skip

Our neighbor, Sarah,   who lived on the back side of us had a dog named Skip.  Skip was highly excitable and would fiercely bark rapidly at anything.  He reminded me of the character Don Knotts played.  He was a Jack Russell.
A chain-link fence separated us.  Every time we faced each other through the fence he would bark like he dared me to come over, just try and he was saying he would rip me to shreds, or at least that is what it appeared he was saying.
However, when we visited and sat down on his mistresses screened in back porch he sat in my lap and wanted me to pet him and I did.  We were the best of friends.
As Anna was giving me a haircut on our deck this past weekend Skip slowly walked by on his side of the fence.  I thought he looked very tired, which was unusual for an energy packed dog like that.
Yesterday we learned he was put down about the same day I saw him.  He had a tumor and was making him miserable.

Here are two videos of Skip that I recorded of short moments of his life.


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