Monday, January 23, 2017

Dirty Harry Lifeguard

At the pool this morning one of the life guards, a young guy, walked by where Anna was  and said casually, "I had an interesting morning."
Anna asked what happened.
We knew he lived in Ellijay.  He said he and his wife spent the night with his grandmother last instead of traveling all the way from Ellijay. 
He is a light sleeper.   At 3am in the morning he heard the squeaky front door open.  Then he heard noises.  He called 911 and reported a theft going on and said told them they better bring a ambulance too.
He walked into the room and two men were trying to remove a big screen TV that was attached to the wall.  The man went after him with a knife.  The 20 year old life guard shot both of them.  I think one of them ran outside and he ran to the door and saw a third one waiting by their get-away car.  He shot him too.
I don't think any of the three was killed.  He shot them in the arms, legs, whatever, but not life threatening wounds.
And the police arrived and arrested them.  And I suppose they were carried to the ER.
Anna asked the lifeguard where did his grandmother live.  He gave her directions - Verbally he directed her down Sandy Plains Road, turn right, then turn right again - it was our subdivision.
I swam up about then and he re-told the story and gave directions again.
It happened about 5 blocks from our house.  I walk by the house almost every day on my and Willow's walk, sometimes as early as 4am.
It taught me it is wise not to oil squeaky door hinges.

Also I told Willow it is important to bark when she hears intruders.

I think I'll tell the lifeguard anytime he has to be to work early, heck, don't worry about waking up your grandmother when you are getting up and leaving.  We have an extra bedroom, you are welcome to stay here.  Oh yeah, be sure and bring your gun.


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