Saturday, December 31, 2016

Where Do Cows Come From?

We ate at Texas Roadhouse today.  I forgot how good their ribs are.  Today was a nice reminder.
We have went to the Texas Road House two times in 2016.  Both times I noticed on the left as you walk in is a glass case displaying different cuts of beef steaks.  Some were labeled, like "Rib-eye" and whatever.
The hostess asked each time if we would like to order any on display.  We said no.
But I wondered what would happened if I said I would like to ask some questions about some of the cuts.  Surely the hostess would fetch a butcher or chef to answer some the question I might have, such as:
What was the cow fed?
Where does that cut (pointing) go on the cow?

and most of all:  What was the cow's name?


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