Saturday, December 31, 2016

Deaths in 2016

The people I know that moved on in 2016

(This is list is probably incomplete due to my oversights, administrative  errors and natural blunders ).

I hope next year's list will be shorter, but I am afraid it will be longer, we are all getting older.

Alma Copeland (Christine Jenkins mom),

Andra Powell Pearce, Anna's childhood friend

Ann Burgan (John's wife),, dogpark friend's wife

Bettis, Marie Nix,  Prance relative

Bill Kinney, family friend

Bill Spinks,  old family friend and Patsy Spinks Dupre's father

Cathy June Catham Waldrop, friend's daughter

Chong younger sister,  Rocky's mother-in-law's sister

Dottie Cannon, friend's mother

Doug Davis,  high school friend

Eddie Paul Johnson, high school friends' son

Evelyn Cash Crain, cousin

Fay Hunter,  cousin

Hunter, Joyce Bowles,  distant cousin

J.D. Hosea, former boss

Jack Davis, MAD artist

Judy Powell Trulove Willingham, Marie's God Child

Linda Hopkins (Cub Scouts leader),

Pete Poss,  famiky friend

Robert "Bob" Bagley (cousin-in-law's father

Rebecca Brim Hutcheson


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