Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Edwards' Pure Station n Marietta

 Prefix:  A couple of weeks ago Anna's niece sent me a picture of a logo of Edwards' Pure Station on Church Street (and in tiny print it may have said Extension), Marietta, Ga. and asked me if I know of this station.  All this garble below is a long way saying "No."

This isn't Edwards or Stewards Pure Station.  It is one I found on Google to show as an example.

In downtown Marietta Church Street and Cherokee Streets run parallel to each other.  Church Street is one way South and Cherokee Street is one way North.
As far as I know there has never been a Pure Station on Church Street.  On the corner of Cherokee and Lemon Streets was a Pure Station owned by the Hardage Family. Incidentally the Hardge  had two sons, Mike and Jim Jr.  Mike was in my class and Jim Jr. was a year or two older. They both were red headed.  I don't know what happened to Mike but Jim moved to Dalton, Georgia, and he and a former boss of mine were co-leaders of a country and western band.  Jim, Jr. was married to Joyce and they had a daughter.   They divorced and Joyce remarried a guy named Omar.  They live about two blocks away from us, and have for the past 40 years.
But,  I don't think that is the right Pure Station.
On Church Street Ext., near Kennesaw Mountain, was a Pure Station.  One time in high school, before we were old enough to have  drivers licenses a few of us walked to Kennesaw Mountain one Saturday.  We went inside the Pure Station to buy Cokes and our math teacher waited on us.  Mr. Dallas Stewart's parents owned the Pure Station and he was helping them out.  Dallas and his wife lived in the basement of the Pure Station.
Incidentally, Dallas had a sister named Barbara Tilley.  Barbara was in my mother-in-law Marie's Sunday School class mate and also my supervisor when I worked as an election poll worker two times.  Barbara, before she went to a nursing home, also lived in our neighborhood about four houses from Omar and Joyce.
Small World.
Also Jim's country and western band partner was Stanley.  Stanley was a carrier at the Marietta Post Office and later my supervisor.  Stanley was also a part time auto body and paint man.  He had his garage lit naturally, which was a benefit painting cars.  The natural night was also an idea artist's studio situation, which was probably a selling point to underground comicbook artist Skip Williamson.  He bought the house.
Where were we?  Oh yes, ahem! I suspect where the Stewart Pure Station is also where Edwards Pure Station was.  But I do not think it is Church Street or Church Street Extension, that is the Old 41.

For the past five or six years that building has been the home of Kennesaw Mountain Biscuit Company but we read their building has been bought and will be bulldozed away for something new.  Which is kind of sad, because the Old 41 is a.k.a. The Dixie Highway, and the kind of design of the Pure Station would have been there as a business on the Dixie Highway


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