Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DOWN! I went

I took a tumble while running this morning.  It hurts when I laugh - no, change that to "when I cry".  My latest exercise routine is to walk about 1.25 mile then run about  a half mile.  This morning about 4:15, things were going routinely when Willow and I saw a black cat in a neighbor's yard licking itself.  Willow was having a fit to pounce on it and turn it inside out.  I held her leash tightly.  The black cat watched with amusement. 
Just about a half yard-width away I saw a pickup truck run through a intersection that had a stop signs.  I have seen this same truck run the stop sign without any hint of even slowing down a bunch of times.  I don't know the guy's name but one time a couple years ago he and I helped save a house on fire.  About a block away one morning before daylight I saw flames in the back of a house.  I ran and banged on the door to wake up the mother and her teenage daughter that lived there.  No one came to the door.  Then, down the street along came the same guy that runs the stop signs.  I waved him down, he is middle age to elderly man.  I told him about the back of the house burning and asked him did he have a cell phone.  He did, he called 911 and in a few short minutes the fire department arrived and put out the fire.  LP gas was leaking from a line and flames were around it.

Back to the present:  In my running mode, I ran my 4 tenths of a mile and just had about a tenth of mile away, and I would be home, I tripped on a blue reflector little block embedded in the pavement.
I ran forward trying to keep from falling but down I went.   I landed on my right side with a thud and a skid.
I was down for a few moments trying to decide if my left arm or leg was broken.  After all I am 75, bones get brittle at my age. 
I knew my left hand was skinned and bloody.  So was my knee.
I thought about the man in the pickup truck flying through the stop sign every morning.  I was lying in his path in front of the opposing corner.  It is a good thing, I thought, he has already flew by.
Willow was standing a safe distance studying me.  Then I realized I had let go of her leash during my fall.  Willow is a run-free dog.  Every time that she realized she was not on a leash she always ran like a freed bird.  This time she didn't.  I reached and got her leach and petted her.  She was trembling.
I pulled myself up and realized both my left limbs were in pain with every movement.  I could move my fingers and toes and decided nothing was broken.

I started walking towards home.  After about 30 to 40 feet the music in my earphones became statically.  They are bluetooth ear phones.  It depends on my phone for a music source.  I realized my iphone was sitting in the accident spot.  I went back and retrieved it and my keys. 
I hobbled home with Willow.
I take blood thinner.  Therefore I am a self-induced free bleeder.  Everything I touched got loose blood on it.
It was near time for Anna to get up and we go to the Aquatic Center pool for exercise.  I thought what the lifeguard told us once, if you have any open sores, stay away, many people don't shower or even wipe their asses before they get into the pool, so you could very well get infected.
I told Anna about my ordeal  and I think I shouldn't go into the pool.  She promptly doctored me up.
Willow keeps following me around licking me.  I'm nor sure if she is trying to nurse me or I remind her of a rare steak.

I wonder if that black cat had anything to do with my luck this morning?  


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