Thursday, December 22, 2016

Like a Roach!

Thank you all who shown concern and wished me well on my crash landing yesterday.
Donald Wood theorized the reason Willow did not run because she could plainly see that was not able to chase her.  And it is just not fun to run if I can't chase her.
Today I feel much better than I thought I would.  The cuts on my hand has scabbed over so it is not so sensitive to touch things.
I still cannot lift my left arm without pain, but it too will unbruise itself in time.  However, if it was my right arm that hurt I would be highly upset, after all, that is the arm I lift my fork with.
Us humans are highly resilient and in due time I will spring back into normalcy just like a wasp or roach would do if you stepped it.

But, I am seriously considering giving up running.  I just don't have the agility to keep my balance in situations like this as I should.


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