Friday, December 30, 2016

I got my TRUMP book yesterday.  It is not what you think.  I know the little blond guy is tooting his own horn and the name is TRUMP.  That is proof enough I am a Trump man, right?
Hold on!  TRUMP Magazine was created in the mid 1950s by Harvey Kurtzman, Hugh Hefner,  and the original MAD comic book artists.  It was published by PLAYBOY Publishing.
Donald Trump was not on the scene yet.  He was still having growing pains.
TRUMP Magazine was a sophisticated version of MAD magazine.  Its target audience   was hoped to be Kurtzman fans and intellectuals. 
It flopped after two issues.
Hugh Hefner is quoted as saying, "I gave Harvey Kurtzman an unlimited budget and he surpassed it."
Now, the two issues have been bounded into a book.  Just flipping through it, I see a lot of insights of why it failed... and also insights on why it is so good.



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