Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Repeating Tale By the Sea

For Anna's birthday today we treated ourselves to a movie.  We went to see MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. 
It was mostly about everyday life of the middle class who lived by the sea in New England.  I remember years ago my roommate went to see the move DOCTOR ZHIVAGO and when he returned I asked him how it was and he said, "There were plenty of horses."
Well, in MANCHESTER BY THE SEA there were plenty of old houses.
As I watched it I thought people have trouble with their jobs and they must interact and have relations wit other people.  They also  have to face death of loved ones.  Facing death of loved ones is a tragedy that each person must come to terms with.  So, everybody you see has their own similar story, either behind them or in front of them.  Everybody!
As Anna said we go to movies to escape reality.
At the end of the movie when the picture on the big screen settled into a good composition and credits started rolling, you realize the movie is over.
In the dark, we heard what sounded like an elderly man saying, "Well?"

We cracked up.


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