Thursday, December 01, 2016

Fred Covington (the actor) and Marilyn (his wife)

Do you remember the late actor Fred Covington (1928-1993)? He was a familiar face on the screen and TV.  I think the most popular role he was in was the slave market auctioneer in the mini-series Alex Haley's ROOTS..  He lived with his family in Marietta on Ebenezer Drive.  In my brief position as a Postal Window Clerk I waited on him a couple of times.  He was also a teacher of a home/mail correspondence acting course.  We saw him often mailing tapes and scripts.

Below is about the most I found on him in one paragraph, but no good pictures.

Fred Covington, 65, who played a series of generally Southern characters in motion pictures and television and was seen most recently on TV as the police captain in the 1992 miniseries "Grass Roots." His roles ranged from an auctioneer in the classic series "Roots" to a prisoner in "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." His other parts included "Coward of the County," "Norma Rae," "The Prize Fighter" and "They Went That-a-Way." He also appeared in the TV series "In the Heat of the Night." In Marietta, Ga., on Wednesday of cancer.

His wife Marilyn  was in the Blackwell Homemakers' Club.  Anna is in the same club.

Marilyn Covington died earlier this week.  She has been suffering with dementia for several years.


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