Thursday, October 20, 2016

ThrowbackThursday. Paul Prance

C1914, Proofs.  Click to enlarge

Throwback Thursday.  Henry Paul Prance (1910-2000) c1914.  Anna's father.  Paul lived all his life in the Blackwell/Noonday area of north Cobb County.  He was the oldest of his siblings; three brothers and one sister.
As a young man one of his first jobs was with Franklin D. Roosevelt's work program the CCC.
After that he worked at Veach Wholesale Grocery as the manager for the rest of his work career.  When he retired Veach Grocery stopped being a business. 
He also loved farming.  He had a cow, pigs, one free range chicken,  and a large garden that produced edibles and beautiful flowers.  He grew up on a farm and I think wanted to continue that way of life.
Paul was married twice, first to Alzia Evelyn Kemp, and secondly to Marie Foster.
He and Alzia had three sons, which unfortunately, they died before he did.  The lived to be middle age men, but Paul outlived them.   They are Jimmy, Tommy, and Julian.

He and Marie had one daughter, Anna.

c 1925. Teenager Paul slipping up behind his aunt Lilla Wright

c1943.  Paul as a young man

1993.  Paul & Marie


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