Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Waiting Room Highlights

Another doctor's waiting room today.   It was full of people.  The lady at the desk announced the doctor was running about 20 minutes late.          
We noticed a lady sitting in front of us going through a stack of loose papers looking over each one and making marks on it.  It wasn't hard to see she was a school teacher.  And I bet not grading papers because she had a doctor's appointment is not a good excuse.   But I bet she won't get paid for her extra work.

A lady on the other of us, about four or five people away was fumbling with her pocketbook.  She turned on her little flashlight that I think was on her keychain and didn't seem to notice it..  It was tiny but had a blinding light blaring our eyes.  We quickly told her to turn it off.  She did.

But later in the inner office waiting area we ran into the lady with the light again.  She and I did not realize it out in the waiting room but we met yesterday.

When we finally got to see the doctor the "running 20 minutes late" changed itself to 60 minutes.


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