Sunday, October 09, 2016

Chalktoberfest on Marietta's Square

Downtown Marietta Chalktoberfest Sidewalk Art.  When I think of chalk I think of chalk erasers and the many times Van Callaway and I had to stay after school at Waterman Street School and dechalk them by beating them.
I know a little about sidewalk chalk.  I remember, also in grammar school, of drawing a heart on the sidewalk, which I am sure was lopsided or something, and declaring my love for a little girl, who I have no idea who it was now, and I'm sure, whoever it was, is glad I forgot. I drew it on East Dixie Avenue near the Butler Street Corner. 
After I got home I happened to think what if my uncle Doug Hunter is driving down that street and sees it he would kid me never ending.  He was always looking for ammunition to tease me about.  I walked back to my masterpiece, about three blocks and erased it.

The art displayed here, I promise you, is technically better than my love declaration.

As always, click on each picture to make it larger and hopefully prettier.


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