Sunday, October 23, 2016


Back in the old days E.C. Publishing Company made a KILLING on horror comics such as TALES FROM THE CRYPT,  HAUNT OF FEAR, SHOCK, THE VAULT OF HORROR, and more.  I said, "make a killing", get it?
However, after a while the grownups had a rebellion of about the horror comics.  Doctors testified, congress had hearings, and finally the comic industry said instead of making laws restricting them, they would be their own watch dogs... or foxes. 
The horror lines were done away.  Less bloody and violent stories were the new trend.

One E.C. Publishing Company's new line was IMPACT.  The artist, George Evans, was good with E.C. War and air warfare.  About the only "impact" I saw in this story was slamming the door.

The cover art, by the way, is by Jack Davis.


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