Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Georgia Petty and Cecil Grant

Throwback Thursday.   Cecil Grant and Georgianne Petty Grant. c1950.  This is the house we looked for in Chattanooga this past weekend.  

I think it would be unusual for a house to remain the same for over 60 years.   I did not recognize any of the houses we saw as their house.

Cecil made a change in the back yard one, look below, I'll get to it near the end.

Georgia is my mother's oldest sibling.  Her living dates are (1906-1666). 

Cecil was born in 1901.

Cecil, as far back as I remember was bald headed.  I remember one time when they were visiting  I was about five years old and fascinated with a new top I had.  I was always looking for a smooth surface to spin it on.  I seriously asked Cecil could I spin my top on top of his head.... which caused an uproar of laughter, which was unintended.   

Cecil worked for a thread making company in Chattanooga.  He only got one week a year off.  The vacation always coincided with the dates of the Southeastern Fair at the Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta.  Georgia got visit her sisters living in Marietta and Cecil got to go to the Southeastern Fair, alone. 

Cecil made a change to their property once.

He had a hobby of collecting 16 mm cowboy moves, starring people like Hoppalong Cassidy, Lash LaRue, Durango Kid, and more.  He built a little house in back of their house.  In the center of the small room was a 16mm projector on a table.  He showed his prize hobby to my father and I.
He also had s string musical instrument, maybe a banjo that he strummed.  I think there was more to Cecil than we will ever know.

On November 4, 1958, his little out-building was leaking when it rained.  He got the tools he needed to repair the leak and climbed on top of the building and nailed tarpaper and/or roofing shingles.  He was using a metal hammer.  The last nail he drove in struck a live electrical wire and  was electrocuted instantly.

Cecil and Georgia are buried in West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia.


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