Monday, March 21, 2016

Larry and the Big Poo Poo Cushion Adventure

This is Larry Bradford.  He is one the funniest quick witted people I have ever met.  He has done some insane things, but haven't we all?  His wild things seem more memorable. 
Once he and I got kicked out of the Strand Theater for life but his mother went to the see the manager on our behalf and they settled for a good scolding.  I forgot what we did at the Strand that day.  So, that is one of his antics that is not so memorable - if it can't be remembered then it is not memorable is it?

But here is one I do remember.:

My aunt Opel Petty worked at a printing company in downtown Atlanta.  Next door to the printing company was novelty company.  She once bought me fake cigarettes there and another time she bought me a poo-poo, or a Whoopie  cushion.

I carried it to school and during phys ed  Larry and I played with it., blowing it up and squeezing it to make loud farting sounds.

Coach Lundy took it away from us.

Later in the day   Larry and I were called to Mr. Cox's office.  Mr. Cox was the assistant principal.  He had us stand in front of him and suddenly he pulled out the poo-poo cushion from behind him, it was inflated.  He suddenly squeezed it and it made the loud farting noise.  We broke out laughing.

Lloyd Cox looked furious.  "What is so funny about  that?"  He asked.

I said, "I don't know but it is!" 

He glared at us and told us to stay in his office the remaining two periods of the day.  And he walked out of his office.
When the last bell sounded for us to return to our home room before leaving for the day Lloyd Cox still wasn't back.

We  were leaving and Bradford said wait.  He went over to Lloyd's desk and opened all the drawers until he found the poo-poo cushion.  He blew it up and placed it into Lloyd's chair and left laughing.

Nothing was ever said.

Larry now donates his time to a needy cause on Tuesdays., there he is a volunteer to help the homeless.


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