Thursday, March 24, 2016

Me the Mime, Willow's Spokes Person

This morning I carried Willow to the groomers.  The groomers are a young  Asian husband and wife team..  This is the 3rd time with them.  When we walked in I noticed the front door to the outside was held wide opened   with  a weight of some kind.

As I was signing her in I told them Willow was a runner.  They looked at each puzzled.

I went on to say that if she sees an opening she will shoot right through it to freedom.  To prove my point, I pretended  like I was Willow seeing the opened door, then a big smile; then I shot out my arm towards the door and then made my arm do galloping motions.  

I think they understood and hurriedly got her through the gate, behind the counter and clicked the gate locked and smile.

I think I would make a good mime.  I might buy me a black and white horizontally striped t-shirt, a black beret, and black leotards, and white powder for my face and practice pulling an invisible rope,  playing an air-guitar, and running into an invisible wall.  After I get that down-pat I will go down to Glover Park  put a upturned hat or a cigar box in front of me and do my debut.   


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