Friday, March 18, 2016

Larry Garrett is Dead

Paul Roper called me and told me Larry Garrett had died a couple of days ago.  Larry and I  carpooled when we both worked on Chattahoochee Avenue in Atlanta.  I hated to hear he had died.

In high school I was friends with Larry his late brother Roger.  I think they went their separate ways.

About a week out of the Navy either Larry White or Monty Calhoun and I went to a bar on either Juniper Street or Piedmont  Avenue in Atlanta and by chance Larry Garrett walked in for a drink.  It was a nice come-as-you-are reunion.  That was the last time I saw him.

Larry could read my mind like a book.  Another person in our carpool was "Red".  Red irritated me at times. and Larry could sense when and always caught my eye and smirked.   One time while driving home Red had said something that irritated me and about  a moment later on the radio was "THUNDER ROAD" sung by James Mitchum.  The music put me in a different frame of mind, like I was riding the music like a wild bronco.  After the song was finished I glanced at Larry and he was wide-eyed with a big smile on his face.

Larry had a quiet nature about him, yet made some very deep observances about people.

Over the years I thought of him from time to time and wondered what even happened to him.  I think I heard he was living in Florida.  He was, Panama City.

From what I heard years earlier he was living life on the edge taking chances  and things.

I felt  happy for Larry.  Paul told me he died in his sleep, taking a nap on his couch and he has a son in college.  He had a heart attack.  Not happy he had died but happy he had settled down and had a family.


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