Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dressing Up On Easter Day

My uncle Robert Ray "Bus" Hunter (1906-2005).  It appears that Bus is dressed in his finest, which traditionally people used to do on Easter Day.  I don't know if this picture was taken on Easter Day or not.  

I remember when I was less than ten years old one Easter we, as a family, sat in the car on the Square in Marietta, timed to be there when church let out.  It was enjoyable watching people come to the Square dressed in their best to get an after church ice cream at one of the Square's five drugstores (Jones, Hodges, Williams, Athertons, and Reynold's and Ferra).  It was an impromptu Easter Parade.

Speaking of Easter Parades, when  in the Navy, stationed in New Jersey, on Easter Sunday, about 1964, a bunch of us went to Atlantic City's Boardwalk.  It was the mother of Easter Parades.  With the exception of us,  people were dressed up, gaudy but nice. 



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