Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Visit to Gibb's Garden

Gibbs Gardens was very impressive  pretty but also very crowded.  When we bought our tickets in the Visitors' Center we also had to pay for tram ride tickets, if you wanted to ride the tram.  The cashier forgot to the tram tickets so we had to almost have hand to hand combat with our tram driver until we showed him the total on our credit card charge and he saw we paid for it.  

My only complaint is there were too many people.    If you got off the tram at points you just about had to bully and fight for a seat to get back on.  At each stop there are already people waiting to catch the next tram.  If you are passive and not aggressive enough you might have to walk to your next destination.

This is Oglethorpe Mountain, which  is the highest mountain in Pickens County.  What about those apples?

The above is some kind of Japanese structure that if you go through you will have good health or lucky, or wealth, or whatever.  

I think going under the Japanese structure might give you the luck to come into a hand full of pennies, However, you are not  to take any pennies out, they are for charity, but you can put more money in - and you can't get away with grabbing a handful, too many people near.

This is a little abandoned half-full of milk baby bottle just sitting in the middle of the walk.  I wonder what the story is.

There are a lot of interconnecting pools of water all  over the Japanese Gardens, but I just couldn't get  the right composition I wanted.  My bad.

There are flowers all over the place.  They are all pretty.  But I think if you seen one or two flower closeups you have seen them all.  Sentimental old coot aren't I? 


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