Saturday, March 19, 2016

This Day In History

On this Date in History March 19, 1928 "Amos & Andy" debuts on radio (NBC Blue Network-WMAQ Chicago)

Amos & Andy started off as a radio show.  It was about a community of  Afro-Americans  acted out by Caucasians.  Who would know, they were on radio, right?

When TV rolled in AMOS & ANDY was in such demand they became a weekly sitcom.  However,  Afro-Americans played Afro-Americans.

Because of stereotype racial undertones AMOS & ANDY has been banned for years.   I know it is according  who reads this if it is debatable or not.  This is not a  sound-off board, I am just telling the history.

Have you seen many episodes of AMOS & ANDY?   Have you notice Marietta, Georgia,  is mentioned often?

The actor who played George "Kingfish" Stevens is from Marietta.  And so is Leander Niles Trammell.  Niles Trammell is the NBC Executive who signed up the AMOS & ANDY radio series.

Leander Niles later became president of NBC,  and was president when they went to TV or Color.
Leander Niles Trammell (1894-1973) is also from Marietta.  He is mine and my Hunter first cousins 3rd cousin, twice removed.

His grandfather is Leander Newton Trammell, who the Trammell House and Trammell Street got its name.  I think Niles lived just down the street a few doors.


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