Friday, March 25, 2016

Now You See Me! Now You Don't!

This is a daughter & father picture.  The daughter is my first cousin Cheryl and her father Wallace Charles Petty (1910-2007).  Charles  is my mother's brother.  They were  attending another brother's Leonard Francis Petty and his wife Jeannette Phillips Petty's 50th  Wedding Anniversary in 1995. 

When Wallace was about ten years old the family lived in Gillettte, Wyoming as homesteaders.  They almost starved and decided to go back east where it was easier to grow things.  His wife Viola Frances Ridley Petty and the girls and the younger boys took the train back.  Wallace, his father, and his older brother Tom went back east, to Virginia, via a wagon and sleeping under the stars at night.  Talk about quality time!

Note:  I was in the picture too, taking the picture  as a reflection in the mirror behind them but through  the magic of Chris Bishop and  Photo Shop POOF!  I'm invisible again, as usual.



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