Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Marietta Cole Family

This is Nicolas Cole.  I met him at a Cobb Landmarks meeting a couple years ago.  At the time I did not catch his first name, I  must have been  studying his horsd'voeuvre   more than I was trying to retain his first name.  I first in error called him Steve Cole I was quickly corrected.

I was what might be called dumbstruck over Nick Cole's heritage.   His progenitor , Henry Cole., was certainly a history maker of Marietta and more which extended a wider range than the Marietta City Limits.

Henry Cole owned a hotel about where Schillings' Restaurant is today.  It was no secret before and during the Civil War he was a pro-Union.  And I believe I think that there was evidence that he was a Union Spy.  He may have got himself into hot water because of his activities.

I feel the most humane action he did was to donate his own land for burial of the dead Union Solders.  And it still continues today.  The name is now The Marietta National Cemetery.

Henry Cole, his family and some  members of the Fletcher family (owners of the Fletcher House aka Kennesaw House have their own small plot about where some cemetery paved drives cross almost in the center of the cemetery, near the top of the hill.

Long before the Civil War Native Americans  were required  to leave their weapons  at the Cole House before entering the city limits of Marietta.: early weapon control.

When Nick Cole and I introduced ourselves and I realized he was the living descendant of legendary Henry Cole I felt I was looking at live history talking, breathing, and munching. 

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I was unsure of Nick's first name.  Before I ran a similar article as above I emailed my friend Davis McCollum and asked him Cole's first name.  Davis is a Mariettan historian and knows everybody.  He told me had to think and he'll get back with me.  Shortly, he replied, "Steve".  I used the first name of Steve.  

Mary Ansley Southerland quickly informed me his name was not Steve, it is Nick.

Davis McCollum said "My bad!"  And I told him to think nothing of it, I am badder.

Other people, like Debbie Varner and Vickie Turner Hunt wanted to know more about the Cole House on the corner of Cole Street and the North Marietta Parkway (formerly Page Street) which Davis answered the questions.

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Then, less than 30 minutes later I was sitting at the dog park telling John Burgan the episode of the name mix-up.  And he said the Coles had a huge fallen tree in front of their house and John wanted that tree to make some furniture, which Nick agreed to, with the stipulation that John make some things for him, like an end table, and a few of his friends.  He said it was a prime rare type of cedar.  It was Western Cedar.  There are only 5 of these trees in either the East or Georgia, I forgot which.  That type of tree is more plentiful on the northwest coast.

I remember that downed huge tree in the Cole House's front yard.

Again, it is a small world.

John said he has his business card, which he showed me.  Nick is a photographer in Dallas. 

And his first name is Nicolas. 



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