Wednesday, September 02, 2015

This afternoon we were in traffic on Canton Road.    We  were waiting on a traffic light to change.  In front of us was a pickup truck with tools in the bed.  The man in the pickup truck in the drivers' seat reached out and placed an empty plastic water bottle on its side on top of the cab.   Then it rolled forward, tumbled on and then off the hood and landed  on pavement beside the truck. 

I think he thought it was going to roll backwards and land into his truck bed.   He did it so casual like it was an old trick he has done many times before.  You could tell he was surprised when it went just the opposite and  was now lying on the highway.

He jumped out of his truck and was about to retrieve the bottle when he looked up and saw the light had turned green and the two cars in front of him started moving forward.

He swooped up the bottle like an athlete and gracefully 
guided bottle in flight to his truck bed and hopped  back into his truck and sped away.

That was all to that incident. 


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