Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Long Lost Cousins or It is a Small World

Our long lost cousins have not been so long and lost.  
Anna's father Paul Prance was first married to Alzia Evelyne Kemp.   She had ten siblings.  One of the  sisters of Alziaa Evelyne was Margaret Kemp.  Margaret was married to  Dudley Sorrells.  Margaret and Dudley had a son named Dickie, as in Dickie Sorrells - which Anna was in high school with Dickie and his wife Beth Baker Sorrells.

I came upon an obituary last night in my late mother-in-law Marie's Kemp folder, which was mostly obituary clippings.  It all fell into place.

As it comes out, Anna's three half brothers by her father's first marriage are first cousins to Dickie Sorrells.   That makes Anna and Dickie half first cousins, and Dickie said just remember  he is the prettiest. 

And if I shaved my legs I wouldn't  look so bad myself.


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