Friday, September 11, 2015

Dickey Sullivan at the Bell Reunion

Dickey Sullivan at a Bell Reunion.  Speaking of Life Guards (2 plugs back) I mentioned Charles Dawson was a lifeguard at Bell Swimming Pool.  Dickey Sullivan saved my life one time.  Dickey's late younger brother was Eddie Sullivan.  Eddie Sullivan and I had birthdays about a day apart.  The Sullivan family lived four doors down from us in the Clay Homes.  For a few years we would go with the Sullivan family to a park or someplace to celebrate Eddie's and Eddie's birthdays.  One year we went to Sweet Water Creek, we may have went more, but at least one memorable time.   We used where a road went into the creek as a beach, and picnicked on it and we waded in the water.  What we didn't know, underwater there was a drop off where a bridge at one time went over the creek before the creek increased in flow.  I stepped off into the dropoff.  I was about five years old.  An underwater current grabbed me and carried me downstream.  Dickey went after me and pulled me out.  My Daddy was up on the new bridge and saw me swept away and yanked his shoes off and dove in too.

Anyway, the Bell Reunion this year, which might be the last one, will be the last Saturday of this month, September the 26th, 2015, noon,  at the Horace Orr American Legion Post, 900 something  Gresham Avenue, Marietta. 



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