Friday, September 25, 2015

Eddie Sullivan at the Bell Reunion

This is Eddie Sullivan at a Bell Reunion some time back.  Eddie died a couple of years ago.  I have mentioned Eddie before when I had a picture of his brother Dickie on Chicken-fat with another plug for the Bell Reunion..  Eddie's and my birthday date is within a day or so and our family used to celebrate together.  The Sullivan family lived in the Clay Homes near us when we celebrated the birthdays.  Later they moved to  Chester Street behind the Coco Cola Bottling Company, then I was their paper boy for the Atlanta Journal.  The Sullivan family was in charge of the concessions at sporting events.  They had a flat bed trailer they hauled around bottled drinks, coolers, and goodies all over Larry Bell Park and also to Eddie's my birthday parties.

I am just rambling about how things, behind the scenes, at Larry bell Park.

Speaking of Larry Bell Park the Bell Reunion is tomorrow, Saturday, Sept the 26th, 2015, noon, at the Horace Orr American Legion, on Gresham Avenue, Marietta, Ga..  Come see your friends.  It may be the last  Bell Reunion.


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