Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cartersville, Ga., Sat, September 19, 2015

After  I returned from the dog park we got into our car that was packed full of material and drove to Cartersville.  A friend of our niece Tammy knows a lady who does a lot of sewing and she said she would take all the fabric.  She was very thankful when we gave it to her.

Then we met our sister-in-law Thelma in downtown Cartersville and we had lunch at the Swheat Deli on Main Street.  The restaurant  had good food at reasonable prices and was decorated uniquely with antiques.  Also the staff was friendly. 

HOWEVER!!  The only thing that bugged me is that they had only restroom for both sexes, and a sign on the door saying there was not a lock on the door, knock before opening the door.   When I went to the restroom I knocked on the door waiting and listened for someone to say something.  The bad thing is was the there was a big long table closest to the door and they were all talking.  I wasn't sure if I could hear a reply on the other side of the door or not.  Finally, I decided to take my chance and open the door and the lights were out.  Whew!  Then, as I stood and did my thing I had to super listen, with nerves on edge, listening for a knock.

After lunch we drove out to Euharlee  to visit with Tammy, Thelma's middle daughter.  I am always impressed by the details in their big  yard - lookie:

click on any picture to make it larger and understandable.

Green House front

Pet Cemetery

Green House side
The beams of the greenhouse are cedar from the wild.

All the banister woodwork is cedar from the wild.

Afterwards, we went home and got Willow and went downtown to a festival and got to listen to some bluegrass wailings.



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