Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cobb County Educators Talk

This video is each member of the panel  telling a little about themselves.

Yesterday at the Marietta Museum of History some educators, mostly retired, took park in a discussion about educating in Cobb, past, present, and suggestions for the future.

It was very interesting.  They all had good antidotes that got caused the audience to burst out laughing.  I wonder if, when each time the audience broke out laughing, all the educations instinct was to "SSHHHHhhh!" them down?

I knew some of them and knew of some others.  Reid Brown was my Sunday School teacher at Crestview Baptist Church and was my sister's principal at Waterman Street School.  Mrs. Clara Howell I run into just about every time I come to town, and was my science teacher, I forgot if it was biology, chemistry, general science or what.  But I do remember her demonstrating crushed ice in a glass of water and checking the temperature ever 30 seconds or so.  I forgot what she proved, though.  I see her a lot these days speed walking in the downtown area.

The talk was interesting and educational and every member of the group had interesting things to say.

However, not one educator mentioned being bribed by a shiny red apple.

Jim &; Reid Brown (Son &; father)

Mrs Pace

Mrs. Clara Howell

Right, Mrs. Reid Brown

Mrs Perk (right)

Lloyd Blackwell


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