Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Scouting Tradition Lives!

For several weeks now I have been visiting my sister who is recuperating after back surgery.  She is in a facility in the Roselane and Lacy Street area.   What I am getting at is that I have been driving up and down Lacy Street a lot.  On Lacy Street is Saint Joseph Catholic Church, the oldest Catholic Church in Marietta.

In my formative years  I belonged to Saint Joseph's Boy Scouts Troop 132. 

Each day as I ride down (or up) Lacy Street I saw the church school's students out in the grassy area playing  games, probably well supervised by a fine Sister.

The other  evening I rode down Lacy by the school and saw a cluster of  Boy Scouts in regulation uniforms  doing yard work

Probably an Eagle Project I mused to myself.   I went on with my thinking, "I wonder if the Scout Troop is still Troop number  132?"

Then up the street a hundred or so feet  between two school buildings another group of Boy Scouts, some not in full uniform, some wearing non-regulated pants, and some (gasp!) with their shirt-tails hanging out.  They looked like they were having a good unauthorized non-supervised time, away from the leaders.

In a way, I'm glad our little rebellious group in Troop 132 tradition still lives, over 60 years.


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