Monday, September 21, 2015

High Adventure in the Dog Park

This morning at the dog park Willow and I were the first one there.  While I had a peaceful  solitude time Willow wandered around exploring,  sniffing, looking for the idea perfect  spot to take a dump, which she found and I picked up. 

A car drove up.  A lady with German Sheppard size gray dog on a leash came into the fence area.   Willow came up to introduce herself and to smell the dog's ass.    The lady took the leash off the dog and it and Willow chased each other around.
The dog came over to me and wanted to be petted.  I obliged it. 
The lady walked over and said she just picked the dog up on Steinhaur Road.  She said it was running out in traffic unaware of the cars nearly hitting it and it had another dog with it, they were playing.
She said a man got out and together they got the dogs out of traffic.  He took the other dog and told her to carry the dog she had to the dog park and he would be there soon.
As she was telling me this he drove up.  It was a man I know as Jim.  He comes to the park every day with two, sometimes three dogs.  He explained he found the owner's house and left the other dog there in their fence.  He came back to get that dog.
He said he would be right back.
He left his three dogs.  All three sat on their haunches silently, waiting  for their master to return.
The lady thought it was her responsibility to stay and watch over her dogs.  I suppose she didn't trust me with responsibility.
Jim returned and said by the time he got back the owner was there and was very embarrassed the dogs got loose.
At one point I turned on my cell phone to call Anna to say I might be late.  However it did not turn on.  It was dead, power something like 1%.  It was 100% when I took it off recharge last night.

Well, Darn!


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