Monday, December 08, 2014

What Tray?

At the nursing/rehab home the other day we had a long list of complaints.  We requested to speak to whoever was in charge.
We got to speak to head nurse of that unit.
She listened patiently to each one. 
On each complaint she was careful not to join us in damning her staff - she said she would check into it to see what they said for themselves.   Which is fair, she needs to hear both sides.
But on one complaint she said she founf that hard to believe.
One of the complaints was getting Marie's trays mixed up with another name, and so.
We said  they announced at 5pm food was now being delivered - it is now almost 6:30 and where is her food?
The head nurse vaguely hinted there was surely a plausible reason.
While she was in there the lady that delivers the food came in the room.  The head nurse asked her why is she just now delivering the food.
The food deliverer lady said she was there to pick up the empty tray.
"What empty tray?  it was never delivered!"
They both left.


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