Monday, December 15, 2014

Sally, 1960 Leap to 2010

This is Sally, a former high school classmate of mine.  Her last name starts with a G and my last name starts with a H, so we sat near each other in some classes we had together.  This picture was taken at our 50 Year High School Reunion, Part i, in 2010.

Although we sat near each other in many classes through high school we have never spoke.  It seemed she ignored me.   I don't blame her.  She was definitely there to learn and my friends and I were there to have a good time.   While she was taking notes we were giggling, pulling pranks on each other, and generally causing some kind of ruckus.

She grew up to be a school teacher.

When I took this picture was the first time I spoke to her.  I more or less apologized for being such a disturbance near her in school.   She more or less said, "Apologized for what?"   She said she loved watching us, every moment of it - but she wasn't the type to cut up like that, but did enjoy watching  our antics.

As we talk, I wonder, was she silently correcting my grammar with a red pencil?

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