Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Affair in a Nursing Home

My left back cheek started aching from sitting too long in one spot. I got up and walked for circulation, to get the blood flowing. I sat down in the lobby and watched the people. In ten or so minutes a lady gracefully walked by using a walker. Really, gracefully. She held her head high and her body was on good posture mode. Behind her was a little old man with his torso bent over struggling moving his wheels.

The graceful lady in front of him stopped at the nurses station and rifled through an opened box. She pulled out a package of peanutbutter and crackers and handed to the old man in the wheelchair. He humbly thanked her. I thought he felt intimidated allowing the lady to help him. She started walking with her walker again with him following her rear.

Of course I am invisible so they did not see me.
She stopped right in front of me and bent over and told him to "wait, there. Until I make sure no one is in my room."

He nodded happily.

The only thing I can think, "GO FOR IT!!"



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