Friday, December 12, 2014

Moose Heaven

In Moose Heaven two Moose approach one another
"Hello Father"

"Hello son, where have you been, I haven't seen you in, well, what seemed to be an eternity.... pardon the pun!"

"Father, I went to Earth to look for our remains."

"Our remains?  Did you find anything."

"Yes Father, I found my head , it is mounted on the wall at the Canton Moose  Club, in Canton, Georgia".
And I found your antlers hanging in the den at a house owned by a  couple by the name of Eddie and Anna Hunter in Marietta, Georgia.  I did some mystical research and found that Tommy Prance shot and killed you and his friend Bill Chesser killed me - remember we were killed two days apart in the area of Besa River, B.C."

"Why do they want to mount our body parts on their walls anyway?"

"I think it is a trophy; a proud accomplishment kind of thing"

"If Eddie and Anna Hunter didn't kill me how why are my antlers mounted on their wall and the Moose club didn't shoot you so how come your head is on their wall?"

Son:  Shrugs his invisible spirit shoulders,  "Got me!  Humans are a confusing  kind of creatures.  I think Eddie Hunter is using your antlers as a trophy for having adventurous kind of in-laws, if that makes any sense."

A paragraph  in an earlier Chicken-fat post:

My late brother-in-law Tommy Prance (1935-1988) killed it in 1977 and it made the records books.  We got it up on the wall and wanted to show it again, being up high, big and bold.  Tommy shot two moose that day.  The record of this one is in the book RECORDS OF NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME, 8thEDITION, 1981.  It said the animal was shot in 1977; Rank 236; Score 198 2/8; Greatest Spread 60-3/8; Number of Normal Points R 11, L, 12; and Location Killed Besa River, B.C.


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