Friday, December 05, 2014

Romance at the Nursing Home Continued -

A few days ago I told about two people in the nursing home, the lady with a walker and the man in a wheelchair having a rendezvous.    

My mother-in-law was moved to another wing with a private room yesterday so I doubt if I will see these two people again, but still, I want to give some sort of wrap up  or conclusion.

The day after I reported they were planning a meeting in her room after she checked the room out to make sure no one was there.   I saw them sitting in the corridor in a sitting area.  He was in his wheelchair and she was sitting next to him with her walker parked on the opposite side.  She was dressed in a black pants suit and he had on denim and a gray parka sweat suit with the hood up.  Although most of his face was covered up I would recognized that nose and those beady eyes anywhere.  They were holding hands.

Yesterday, while in the moving mode I saw the lady with her walker walking slowly talking with a nurse.  As I passed them I heard her tell the nurse, "It is like he has his place and I have mine, living separate lives and we meet in my room - that's all."

And that is about it, "That's all!"



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