Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chic-Fil-a Goes Postal

Our Chic-Fi-a  makes the drive thru experience  a little more troublesome.  For several. months now, the Chic-Fi-a near us has a human to take your order instead of a squawk box.  I know the person that did take your order through the squawk box was doing other  things while taking orders... pour drinks or whatever.  They still need a human in the position of pouring drinks, so cost-wise they have to pay an for an extra wage earner. 
It  reminds once at the Sprayberry Post Office a new upper manager decided it would be more efficient and speedier t sort the mail in several stages.  It was that the clerk  picks up the mail, and sorts it to the route it goes to.  Under this new system, the first guy picks up the mail and sorts it to the street.  Since Marietta has over 4000 streets, the system has to back up a step to first sort  the piece of mail  alphabetically streets.  Then some a person would pick his letter and sort it to the streets.  Then another person would sort the streets to the route.  Long streets like Roswell Road would take several more separations.   The average piece of mail sorted was handled 6 or 8 times to get to the carrier instead of one time under the out-of-date system.
The new system lasted a little over a week.  The mail was backed out the door, it took more employees and the backed up mail took up a lot of space.  And a lot of overtime was paid.

Then the LSM and the scantronic machines came in and made mail hands sorting almost obsolete.  But that was years later.


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