Monday, December 08, 2014

Baskin Robins and Ben & Jerry Watch Out!

Last Saturday we took a tour of the HIGH ROAD CRAFT ICE CREAM & SORBET in West Oak Business Park in Marietta.

We had read an article in the Marietta Daily Journal about the ice cream making company and  the fact that they make ice cream with exotic and experimental flavors.  The article said they give tours of their operation between 10a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturdays.   We were game, as soon as we could work it in.  A week or two went by before we could.
We found the place in West Oak Business Park, on the Sawyer Road side.   As we walked up through a window we saw a man with ledger books and printouts all around him.  He was busy.  He pointed to his right.  Which we looked right and saw a big sign pointing for tours.  How did that get past us?

The tour is in one big room with a big window overlooking huge tanks and factory looking stuff.  It reminded me of Hunt's Ice Cream on West Atlanta Road many years ago.  In the room are two young people, a young man and young lady.  One told about all the different flavors and the healthy aspect of it and the other, a red headed young man, was standing  behind an ice cream cooler like you might see at an ice cream store, ready to give you any sample that he displayed.  Which we took him up on.

There was about  4 or 5 uptight freezers with all their ice cream in various sizes on display and for sale.

Then we bought some to eat later.

Page two.

In the next day (Sunday) Marietta  Daily Journal 's magazine, COBB LIFE was another article  about HIGH ROAD.  This article was about the owner Keith Schroeder's cook book  he just published called MAD DELICIOUS.  THE SCIENCE OF MAKING HEALTHY FOOD TASTE AMAZING.  It has his picture of him with a spoon  eating out of a pint of HIGH ROAD ice cream.   It was the same man who on the other side of the window pointed to the tour door.


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