Saturday, December 06, 2014

Small World (again)

At the nursing/rehab place Marie is at I noticed yesterday the name on one of the patients' door was the last name Tyson, first name female.   Each time I walked by her room I was hoping to speak to her because we are probably related.  Today as I walked by she looked up and I waved.  She spoke and I went into her room.  I introduced myself  using my middle name of Tyson.

It didn't take many sentences back and forth to know just how her husband and I are related.  We are both descended from Robert Cabel Tyson and Sarah Moody.

I told her I was there to visit my mother-in-law.  She asked what was my mother-in-law's name and I told her.  She asked were her and her husband members of Noonday Baptist Church.  I said yes.  She said she thought she has heard her father-in-law mention their names, he was their preacher many years ago.

Small world.



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