Friday, December 05, 2014

PETERLESS PAN, Just Kicking Around

Didja see PETER PAN last night?  We saw all but the last hour, that is about when we fell asleep.  But we recorded it, so the conclusion will be waiting on us.

I think it was done fairly well. 

Allison Williams was a convincing Peter Pan, or she was after I mind -set myself she was not a female.  She had a courageous way about her.   I suppose I had the same problem when Mary Martin and Mia Farrow played the titled row.  I kept thinking  of Allison in the HBO's GIRLS.  She played a good portrayer of a  boy who never wanted to grow up.

Christopher Walken was good in his song and dance numbers if you remember he was making a farce out of song and dance numbers.  But all his straight lines it appeared as he was reading them off cards.

It was fun to watch it  and recall your memory of the plot as the other times you have seen it.

I also remembered how great the Disney Productions made the story.   The Disney scenes of Peter Pan and his friends flying were fantastic.  You could feel the excitement of flying and chasing each other around church steeples and the like.  In this production, you were constantly reminded they were not really flying because you could see the little points on the back of their shirts, where the cables were holding them up.

It was nice and entertaining.  And as for as not being realistic - let your imagination accept the plot and the complications of special effects and enjoy it.  Although,  I always thought the way to be a lifetime ungrownup  perpetual boy was to never put on black socks.  That is what I do.


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