Thursday, December 05, 2013

Will Work RUBIK'S CUBE Puzzle For Food

At Coscto yesterday there were  only two free samples tables.  I think we might have been too early for the bulk of the free samples.  'Tis the season to gorge.  One of the free samples a lady was preparing something with a cracker, cheese, and a red pepper sauce.   She had one sample left on her present batch and the man ahead of me rightfully took it and ate it.  The free sample lady said she would have some more in just a few minutes,  it doesn't take long to prepare.  The guy that just took her last one from the previous batch didn't move.   As she ran a one-lady assembly line she did her selling speech.  While she talked the man who took the last sample stood and worked on a Rubik's Cube.  It probably took her 4 or 5 minutes to get the next batch ready to hand out.  In those 4 to 5 minutes the guy proudly had the Rubik's Cube Puzzle solved.  He proudly showed the free sample lady his perfect Rubik's Cube and said he thought that he deserved another sample and took it.  Then he proudly put it in front of my face for me to examine.  I said something like, "Yeah, that nice."  and reached around him for my morsel of free sample food.

Also, at Costco, you may have noticed,  if you overhear people talking, it is an international community.  You overhear Yankee accents, Spanish accents and language, European,   Asian, and Arabic accents and language.

But I never heard a Charlie Brown's parents' language.  An apparent  married couple sounded much like the adults on Charlie Brown specials.  ... "Wan wan".  I was close the couple in their 40s or 50s that carried on a long purchasing conversation saying nothing but "Wan wan."  Some of the Wan wans had  question marks and some ended in three dots, like very thoughtful statements.... 



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