Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas at Georgia's Governor's Mansion

Remember!  click on each iamge, they will look better!

On our anniversary, December 9, 2011, we visited the Governor's Mansion, during their open house during the Christmas season.  Why not?   It is the people's house - so they say.

This is an unabashed try to get more mileage out of my photos, or you could say I am recycling the pictures.

Just as we walked into the Governor's Mansion  to greet us was Georgia's First Lady, Sandra Deal.

They had Christmas trees, and some more Christmas trees.  After I photographed about a half dozen or so, I came to the conclusion they all looked nice but if you see one finely decorated tree you have seen them all.

They had several rooms of chamber music and in the basement they had young people's choirs; lined up per school, and all singing great Christmas music when their turn came.  And that was also the room for cookies and hot chocolate.

These are ginger bread men in the basement.  Interesting, as a thumbnail it looked like The Last Supper. They all looked so delicious.  I was about to decapitate one but a guard was looking nervously at me and having his right hand near his holster.  Just kidding.


Blogger kenju said...

Thanks for posting these, Eddie. It is fun to see other Governor's Mansions and how they are decorated.

On the mantel where they have Spanish moss draping out of the top, I'd be afraid it would catch afire.
But it all looks nice.

7:30 AM  

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